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Having problems with your WordPress site not sending emails?

You're not alone! Over 2,000,000 websites use WP Mail SMTP to fix their email deliverability issues.

White Glove Setup

White Glove Setup

Allow our experts to install and configure WP Mail SMTP for you.

Email Log

Save details about every email sent from your WordPress site.

Email Reports

Email Reports

Create graphs of email tracking and deliverability statistics.

Open & Click Tracking

Open & Click Tracking

See open and click-through rates for your WordPress emails.

Weekly Email Summaries

Weekly Email Summaries

Get an email deliverability update sent right to your inbox.

Manage Notifications

Control which email notifications your WordPress site sends.

Connect with, who has been delivering emails for over 20 years.



Use your Sendinblue account to optimize email deliverability.

Amazon SES

Harness the power of AWS with our Amazon SES integration.

Google Workspace/ Gmail

Uses OAuth to authenticate your account, keeping your login info secure.


Use your Mailgun account to reliably send all WordPress emails.


Microsoft 365/

Send WordPress email with your Microsoft 365 or account.



Send WordPress emails using your Postmark account.


Use your SendGrid account to reliably send your WordPress emails.



Use your SparkPost account to reliably send all WordPress emails.

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail

Use your Zoho Mail account to reliably send all WordPress emails.

All Other SMTP Providers

Leverage your web host or a third party SMTP server to send your emails.

  • Very happy with WP Mail SMTP. Works well and is easy to configure, with a good user interface. The "send test email" facility is very reassuring.

    Philip Jones

  • WP Mail SMTP has simply and elegantly solved the problem of sending e-mail messages from shared hosting servers! I recommend!


Top 4 Reasons Why People Love WP Mail SMTP

WP Mail SMTP allows you to easily set up WordPress to use a trusted provider to send emails.

Fix Your WordPress Email Problems, Once and For All

If you're having issues with WordPress not sending emails, you're not alone. With the rise of aggressive spam filtering, it's tough to reach the inbox unless your emails are configured correctly. Once you've switched from the default WordPress email settings over to WP Mail SMTP, your email deliverability issues will be solved for good.

Stop Your WordPress Emails From Being Marked as Spam

Are you missing out on leads and sales because emails sent from your WordPress site are ending up in the spam folder? Missing out on these opportunities can be a big hit to your bottom line. When your emails are properly authenticated using SMTP, they'll be recognized as legitimate and bypass those aggressive spam filters.

Choose your favorite SMTP provider

Send Emails More Securely Using Your Favorite SMTP Provider

WP Mail SMTP integrates with all of the best secure SMTP providers. No matter how many emails you need to send, you can connect with the right provider for your business needs and budget.

Take Advantage of White Glove Setup and Priority Support

If you're not a developer or technically inclined, then figuring out how to set up WordPress SMTP can be daunting. That's why our top-rated support team is here to help you every step of the way. Let us take care of the technical details for you!

Solve Your Email Deliverability Problems
Use your favorite SMTP provider to reliably send your WordPress emails

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Do you have a question about WP Mail SMTP? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us.
Who should use WP Mail SMTP?

WP Mail SMTP is the perfect solution to ensure your website sends emails reliably. Email deliverability is a very common issue. Since almost all websites send emails, WP Mail SMTP is for everyone!

What is “White Glove Setup”?

Great question! White glove setup is a service we offer to WP Mail SMTP Elite customers.

This is a great option that anyone can benefit from. Whether you don't have the time or maybe you feel a bit in over your head - we've got you covered.

You can sit back and relax while we get everything set up for you. White glove setup includes WP Mail SMTP plugin installation and setup, configuration adjustments to your DNS for proper email domain name verification, or Mailgun setup, and final testing to confirm everything is passing with flying colors.

To be eligible for our white glove setup service, you will need to have an or Mailgun account (both include a free trial) and be using a custom domain name with your existing email address.

Do I need coding skills to use WP Mail SMTP?

Absolutely not. You can set up WP Mail SMTP without any coding knowledge.

What’s required to use WP Mail SMTP?

WP Mail SMTP is a WordPress plugin. In order to use WP Mail SMTP, you must have a self-hosted WordPress site.

You can send emails using your own (or third party) SMTP email server, Google,, Mailgun, SendGrid, Amazon SES, Zoho Mail, Office 365, or - so you will need to have one of those accounts to complete setup of the plugin.

Will WP Mail SMTP slow down my website?

Absolutely not. WP Mail SMTP is carefully built with performance in mind. We have developed everything using best practices and modern standards to ensure things run smooth and fast.

Does WP Mail SMTP work on non-WordPress sites?

No. WP Mail SMTP is a WordPress SMTP plugin, so it will NOT work on sites that do not use WordPress. You can install it on most self-hosted WordPress sites. (By "self-hosted", we mean a copy of WordPress that's installed on a web hosting plan.) WP Mail SMTP can only be used with the platform if you have their Business plan or higher.

Is WP Mail SMTP translation-ready?

Yes, WP Mail SMTP has full translation and localization support.

Does WP Mail SMTP support WordPress Multisite?

Yes, WP Mail SMTP works seamlessly with WordPress Multisite. We provide network-wide settings, so settings can be configured on the network level or a per-site basis.

Our White Glove Setup is not available for WordPress Multisite environments.

  • WordPress SMTP Plugin

    WP Mail SMTP is the best WordPress SMTP plugin with over 1 million active installs. It helps you fix the WordPress not sending email issue and make sure that all your WordPress emails are delivered right into user's inbox. WP Mail SMTP helps you connect your WordPress site to the best SMTP services like Amazon SES, MailGun, SendGrid, Outlook, Gmail, and countless other providers to reliably send emails.
  • WP Mail SMTP by WPForms

    WP Mail SMTP plugin is built by the team behind WPForms, the best WordPress forms plugin in the market. Although it's built by WPForms, WP Mail SMTP works with other popular WordPress form plugins like contact form 7, gravity forms, ninja forms, formidable forms, caldera forms, and more. WP Mail SMTP also works with all WordPress hosting providers including Bluehost, GoDaddy, SiteGround, Dreamhost, HostGator, and hundreds more.
Solve Your Email Deliverability Problems
Use your favorite SMTP provider to reliably send your WordPress emails