Umair Majeed

Technical Writer

Hi, I'm Umair! I've been a technical writer since 2018. I simplify WordPress tech for everyone with easy guides.


  • WordPress
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • Adobe Photoshop


Umair is a Technical Writer at WPForms with a solid foundation in the tech industry. With a BSc in Software Engineering, he has explored a diverse career path within the industry and has worn many hats in the world of tech.

Umair’s career started as an SEO executive, where he excelled in enhancing website performance and boosting online visibility. As he progressed, he transitioned into crafting technical guides and even took on the ambitious task of developing a learning hub within Salesforce CRM for a US healthcare firm.

Beyond writing, Umair is highly proficient in software development, with a focus on Java and JavaScript.

Today, Umair’s primary focus is on creating user-friendly guides, especially when it comes to explaining the complexities of plugins and APIs within the WPForms platform.


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