Kacie Cooper Stotler


Kacie is a content writer for WP Mail SMTP. She has been blogging on WordPress and writing about it since 2016.


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  • Content Writing
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Kacie is a Content Writer for WPForms and WP Mail SMTP who also enjoys creating templates for the WPForms template gallery. She is a graduate of Pittsburg State University, where she received BAs in English and Psychology and an MA in Literature.

Kacie’s writing career officially began in the classroom, teaching research writing and composition classes to high school and college students. She even taught a semester on WordPress blogging. Kacie has also spent some time freelance writing, with bylines in a couple of major publications. She’s been blogging on WordPress since 2016 and joined WPForms in 2022.

When she isn’t writing, Kacie likes to unplug and enjoy the outdoors by camping, hiking, and biking.


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