Introducing wp mail smtp 3.5 alert notifications are here

Introducing WP Mail SMTP 3.5 – Alert Notifications Are Here

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Today, we’re rolling out an exciting new version of WP Mail SMTP.

With this update, we’re thrilled to welcome a new feature – instant alert notifications for email sending issues.

Outgoing emails from WordPress sites often fail to send. And the worst thing is that you may not even realize it.

But with WP Mail SMTP 3.5, Pro customers can now easily set up notifications and receive an instant alert when an email fails to send.

The coolest thing about this feature? You can choose to receive the alerts via email, Slack, SMS, and even custom webhooks!

Let’s take a look at what makes the new alerts feature so powerful and what it means for your business.

Never Miss an Alert With WP Mail SMTP

Emails are a crucial part of every functioning website. From order confirmations to account recovery instructions, emails communicate important information to your customers.

It goes without saying that you can’t afford email issues on your site. The satisfaction of your customers often depends on it.

But the first step to addressing any email issue is to become aware of the issue as quickly as possible.

Previously, you had to open your WordPress dashboard to spot any email sending issues. But not anymore!

With WP Mail SMTP 3.5, you can now receive alert notifications to any email address, Slack workspace, or directly to your phone via SMS.

WP Mail SMTP Alerts notifications settings

This adds a whole new level of convenience and speed to fixing email issues.

We received many requests from our customers to add an option for setting up email alerts for when WordPress emails are having problems.

And we heard you loud and clear! In fact, we went the extra mile to give you additional options beyond alerts via email.

Notifications via Email

The easiest way to receive an instant alert notification is via email. Setting up email alerts with WP Mail SMTP is quick and straightforward. All you need is to open the Alerts tab from the WP Mail SMTP Settings and toggle on Email.

Enter the email address you want to receive the notifications at and that’s it!

Setting up email alerts in WP Mail SMTP

Now, any time an email is lost, WP Mail SMTP will send you a notification to the provided email address. These notifications specify the error message and also include useful links to help you fix the issue quickly.

An email alert notification

We use the WP Mail SMTP API to send you these alert notifications. This means that even if your mailer is misconfigured or down for any reason, these alerts will still send successfully!

Then, you can address the problem and quickly resolve the issue before your customers have even had the chance to notice anything wrong.

Notifications via Slack

If you’re like most organizations, you probably spend a lot of time on Slack for work communication.

We decided to add an alert feature for Slack so you can receive a notification on your preferred Slack channel the moment something goes wrong with your WordPress emails.

Setting up Slack alerts for WP Mail SMTP

With Slack notifications enabled, you don’t have to worry about checking your inbox or logging in to your WordPress backend to check for email issues.

A Slack email alert notification

The notifications will arrive in your Slack workspace, so there’s no chance you can miss alerts about email issues that need addressing.

Notifications via SMS

SMS is still the easiest mode of communication on the go. It’s short, sweet, and offers the best accessibility.

Now, you can set up SMS notifications for email failures on your site. This only requires a Twilio integration.

Setting up SMS alerts for WP Mail SMTP

Once you set it up, your phone will ring after a WordPress email fails to send from your site.

An SMS alert notification for WP Mail SMTP

And the faster you know a problem exists, the quicker you can fix it!

Notifications via Custom Webhooks

Last but not least, we also added an option that lets you create custom integrations to get alert notifications on other apps.

Setting up Webhooks alerts for WP Mail SMTP

For example, you can use custom webhooks to create an automation with Zapier, triggered by an alert when your email fails to send for any reason.

This option gives you more advanced ways to use WP Mail SMTP alert notifications that fit your needs and simplify your workflows.

Get WP Mail SMTP 3.5 Now

Looking Ahead

We really enjoyed adding the new alerts feature to WP Mail SMTP. Our aim is to continue making WP Mail SMTP more useful to you and play an even bigger role in improving your workflows.

Make sure to update to WP Mail SMTP 3.5 and try out the new features. As always, we’ll be eagerly awaiting your thoughts about this update, so feel free to reach out!

Meanwhile, we’re going to put our thinking caps back on and start working on the next big update for you!

Jared Atchison


  1. Hi dear,
    Access blocked: application “ ” failed Google verification

    Application “ ” it hasn’t passed the Google check yet. Until the completion of the process, the application is available only to testers approved by the developer. If you think you should have access to it, contact the developer.

    1. Hi Alex,

      It looks like you have not configured the Google App correctly.

      Could you please follow this video guide, and then you should be able to configure the Gmail mailer accordingly.

      I hope this helps. Thanks!

    1. Hi Yash,

      You need to configure a mailer on your site by following this guide and then your emails will be delivered through the WP Mail SMTP configured email address.

      If you experience any issues, please open a support thread to assist you further.


    1. Hi Tang,

      I recommend reaching out to your email support and requesting the correct SMTP settings for your business email. This would typically include details such as the SMTP hostname, SMTP username, authentication method, port number, and other necessary information.

      Then, please follow this guide and configure the WP Mail SMTP plugin accordingly.

      Once you have configured the plugin, it is indeed recommended to send a test email to ensure that the settings are properly set up and functioning correctly.

      I hope this helps. Thanks!

  2. This means your test email was unable to be sent.

    Typically this error is returned for one of the following reasons:

    Plugin settings are incorrect (wrong SMTP settings, invalid Mailer configuration, etc).
    Your web server is blocking the connection.
    Your host is rejecting the connection.

    I have facing this issue, on ionos uk private mail. How can I solve it?

    1. Hi Jack,

      If your test emails are not working when you send a test email from WP Mail SMTP > Tools area, you should be able to see the full error if there’s any issue. Here’s a screenshot of the option to get a full error log. This will provide you with an idea of what might be going on.

      In most cases, your server’s Firewall or ModSecurity rules block SMTP connection requests.

      Also, you can check WP Mail SMTP -> Tools -> Debug Events section to see if there are any errors (check documentation).

      Then, please share the full error log with the IONOS support and they should be able to assist you further.

      I hope this helps. Thanks!

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