Fix WPForms not sending email

[SOLVED] How to Fix WPForms Not Sending Email

Is WPForms not sending email when your forms are submitted?

Sometimes WPForms notifications are marked as spam so they never land in your inbox.

In this article, we’ll show you how to fix your WPForms emails so you never miss another contact form notification.

Fix Your WPForms Emails Now

Why is WPForms Not Sending Email?

WPForms is likely not sending email because the messages are being filtered as spam. This can be an issue with any contact form plugin in WordPress.

By default, WordPress doesn’t add authentication to emails. So when your email provider receives a message from WordPress, it ‘looks’ very much like a spam email.

You can easily fix WPForms not sending emails with the WP Mail SMTP plugin. WP Mail SMTP takes over the default method of sending email and adds the correct authentication.

WP Mail SMTP is easy to install and has a wizard to help you set up your chosen mailer.

How to Fix WPForms Not Sending Email

If you’re having trouble with WPForms emails not working, click the link below to jump to the section you need:

  1. Fix WPForms Not Sending Email
  2. Fix WPForms Sending Emails to the Wrong Address
  3. Fix Errors in WPForms

We’ll start out by adding WordPress SMTP to make your emails more reliable.

1. Fix WPForms Not Sending Email

If it looks like your contact form is working, but WPForms is not sending emails, it’s probably because your web server is sending them without any authentication.

The WP Mail SMTP plugin makes it easy to fix this. It sends all of your emails through an external email provider so that your emails will be properly authenticated.

Let’s set it up now.

Install WP Mail SMTP

First, let’s download the WP Mail SMTP plugin. You can grab the latest version in the Downloads tab of your WP Mail SMTP account.

Download WP Mail SMTP to fix WPForms contact form not sending email

Next, upload the plugin to your WordPress site. If you need help with this, jump over to this guide to installing a WordPress plugin.

Install WP Mail SMTP

As soon as you activate WP Mail SMTP you’ll see the Setup Wizard open up in your browser.

To start setting it up, click the Let’s Get Started button in the wizard.

Start the WP Mail SMTP setup wizard to fix WPforms not sending email

Choose an Email Provider

On the next screen, you’ll see a list of email providers that you can use in WordPress.

We recommend that you choose a transactional email provider. Transactional email providers are designed to send large volumes of emails quickly, so they’re ideal for the best possible email deliverability.

That’s why we recommend that you pick or Sendinblue.

Choose an email service provider for WordPress SMTP

Go ahead and pick the email provider you want to use.

Next, you’ll want to create your account with your provider if you haven’t done that already.

Click the link below to open the documentation for your email provider. It’ll explain what you need to do to connect your new account to your WordPress site:

Mailers available in all versions Additional Mailers in Pro Microsoft Outlook
Sendinblue Amazon SES
Mailgun Zoho Mail
Gmail / Google Workspace
Other SMTP Server

Need a hand?

Our Elite license includes White Glove Setup for Mailgun or

When you’re done with the setup steps in the doc above, switch back to this guide.

Enable Email Logging for WPForms

At the end of the wizard, 2 settings will be automatically enabled:

We recommend that you also turn on Weekly Email Summary and Detailed Email Logs.

The weekly email summary includes a roundup of your email deliverability statistics for the week.

Email Summary With Statistics in WP Mail SMTP Pro

And when you enable Detailed Email Logs, you can keep track of every email that the plugin is sending from your site, including:

  • Email headers
  • Subject line
  • Date sent
  • Status

The email logs feature also unlocks some advanced settings, including:

Read our article on how to log WordPress emails to get more details.

Don’t forget to paste in your license key at the end of the wizard to activate all of the features and updates in the Pro version.

Enter WP Mail SMTP license key

Still having problems? Let’s look at your notifications next.

2. Fix WPForms Sending Emails to the Wrong Address

Every form in WPForms has its own notification settings. If WPForms emails are not received in your inbox, you’ll want to check that you have the correct settings on the notifications for that form.

These steps will fix WPForms Pro or WPForms Lite not sending email.

In WPForms, open up the WordPress form you’re having trouble with. We’ll use a simple contact form in this example.

Simple Contact Form in WPForms

Then click the Settings icon on the left-hand side of the form builder.

WPForms settings

Now click Notifications to open up the email template for the form.

WPForms notification settings

Your default notification will look like this:

WPForms notification settings

If these WPForms notifications are not working, here are a few things to check in your email notification settings:

  • The Send To is set to the {admin_email} in WordPress by default. If you don’t want notifications to be sent there, you can delete the {admin_email} smart tag and type in another email address.
  • If you want to use more than 1 email address in the Send To field, be sure to separate the email addresses with a comma.
  • The Send To and From Email should be different. This will avoid triggering the “be careful with this message” warning in Gmail.

Remember: it’s important to use a From Email that’s authenticated in WP Mail SMTP.

When you have the basic form notifications set up, click Save at the top of the form builder.

Form Abandonment Notifications

WPForms has a form abandonment addon that captures incomplete form submissions. This is a great way to capture leads from visitors who quit part-way through filling in a form.

If you have this enabled, you need to have 2 notifications set up on your form. One will be used for abandoned entries, and the other will be used for completed ones.

Abandoned form notification emails are enabled on the notification settings. You’ll want to scroll right down to the bottom and check the Enable for abandoned form entries box:

Form abandonment notification

If you also want to get emails for completed forms, you’ll want to make a second notification. You can easily click the clone icon to make a copy of your first notification.

Clone WPForms notification

In the cloned notification, make sure that the Enable for abandoned form entries is turned off.

Now you’ll get 2 notifications for the form: one for abandoned entries, and a separate notification for completed ones.

3. Fix Errors in WPForms

If you still aren’t getting WPForms notifications, it’s a good idea to test the form to make sure that everything works as expected. Problems with conflicting plugins or themes can prevent forms from being submitted.

Here are the 3 most common error messages you’ll see.

WPForms has detected an issue with JavaScript

This is usually caused by caching plugins that try to minify the JavaScript in WordPress. Although this is helpful for some parts of your website, minification can break your forms and your visitors won’t be able to submit them.

You can solve this error by disabling JavaScript optimization in your caching plugin, or excluding the following files:

  • WPForms Lite: /wp-content/plugins/wpforms-lite/assets/js/wpforms.js
  • WPForms Pro: /wp-content/plugins/wpforms/assets/js/wpforms.js

Don’t forget to clear the cache before trying your forms again.

Form token is invalid

This error message also means JavaScript isn’t working on your form. When JavaScript doesn’t work, the anti-spam token doesn’t work so the form can’t be submitted.

To fix this, follow the steps above to exclude WPForms JavaScript in your caching plugin.

This field is required

If your visitors can’t submit the form because they see this error, it could be because reCAPTCHA or hCaptcha is loading twice. This is caused by a conflict with your theme or another plugin.

To correct this, disable the plugin that’s loading reCAPTCHA or hCaptcha outside of WPForms.

If you can’t find the cause, you can also force the CAPTCHA to only load once. To do that, head to the main WPForms » Settings page:

WPForms settings

Next, click the CAPTCHA tab at the top to open your CAPTCHA settings.

CAPTCHA settings in WPForms

Click the No-Conflict Mode checkbox to prevent any other reCAPTCHA code from loading on your page.

WPForms no conflict mode

And that’s it! You learned how to troubleshoot errors and fix WPForms not sending email notifications.

WPForms Not Sending Email to Gmail

If WPForms is not sending emails to Gmail, it’s likely because the emails aren’t authenticated. Google has super strict filters that will prevent any suspicious email from being delivered. This sometimes means that the email won’t even appear in the Junk Mail folder.

After installing WP Mail SMTP, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve also set up your DNS zone correctly so that all of your emails have the correct DMARC, DKIM, and SPF headers.

If you need help, start with this guide on how to create a DMARC record to protect your domain.

Fix Your WPForms Emails Now

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  1. I just installed WP Form Lite using default settings.
    Admin receives email but user/visitor doesn’t. I checked also spam folder. Nothing.
    I couldn’t find solution for this problem

    1. I’m having the same problem. Really annoying. I tried everything but it hasn’t solved the problem. And I using pro version for both WP FORM and WP SMTP

      1. Hey there,

        We apologize for the trouble! When you get the chance, could you kindly reach out to our WP Mail SMTP support team by submitting a support ticket? With a paid license subscription you can have access to our private support. From there, they can take a closer look at the issue you’re facing.


  2. Hello,

    I have a problem with plugin. It works perfectly on localhost, but after migration on real domain it crash site with critical error, so I have to deactivate it if I want to see website. Thank you in advance. Regards

    1. Hi Igor,

      I’m sorry to hear about the migration trouble. It sounds like there may have been trouble moving the plugin over during the migration process. In cases like this, it may be best to delete the plugin and install it again.

      If you need more help with setting up WP Mail SMTP on your site, I recommend reaching out to our complimentary limited support in the WP Mail SMTP Lite support forum.

      Alternatively, if you already have a WP Mail SMTP license, you have access to our email support, so please submit a support ticket and we’ll be happy to help!

      I hope this helps!

      Thank you 🙂

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