Hamza Shahid


Hamza is a Writer for WP Mail SMTP, who also specializes in topics related to digital marketing, cybersecurity, WordPress plugins, and ERP systems.


  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • WordPress
  • SAAS
  • ERPs


Hamza is a Content Writer for the WP Mail SMTP team at Awesome Motive, where he also contributes to WPForms. He holds a BSc in Business Administration and brings a diverse range of experience to the team.

He began his writing career at a creative agency, where Hamza honed his skills in creating blogs, tutorials, eBooks, press releases, and whitepapers. Eager to explore new opportunities, he ventured into freelancing on Fiverr, offering a variety of content services.

His career took a specialized turn when he spent six years in the cybersecurity and ERP industries, managing a portfolio of eight Managed WordPress affiliate sites. This experience gave him a strong foundation in affiliate marketing and SEO.

Joining WPForms in 2023, Hamza now focuses on creating insightful content that helps users get the most out of their WordPress experience. When he’s not behind the screen, Hamza enjoys spending quality time with his cats and exploring beaches across the city.


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