How to get email open notifications on Slack

How to Get Email Open Notifications on Slack [Without Code]

Would you like to receive a Slack alert every time a user opens a specific WordPress email?

This unique capability can be really useful if you’d like your sales team to be reminded if particular emails of importance are opened by your customers, so they can plan the follow-up after that.

Thankfully, you can use WP Mail SMTP and Uncanny Automator to create automation for Slack notifications triggered by email opens.

Here’s how you an set up Slack alerts for email opens and enable your sales team to perform faster follow-ups without missing anything important.

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How to send a test email from wordpress

How to Send a Test Email From WordPress

Are you trying to set your WordPress website up to send emails? WordPress can do this by default, but it isn’t always effective. In this article, we’ll show you a better way to send emails from WordPress. We’ll also show you how to test that it works!

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How to get alerts when your wordpress emails stop working

How to Get Alerts When Your WordPress Emails Stop Working

WordPress emails can fail to send if your mailer service is down or due to misconfiguration. No matter the source of the problem, it’s important to learn about email failures as soon as they happen so you can fix them fast.

Thankfully, WP Mail SMTP can send you notifications outside of your WordPress site via email, Slack, and even via SMS to your personal phone.

Check out this guide to learn how you can easily configure email failure notifications using WP Mail SMTP for your site.

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