How to turn email receipts into email upsells

How to Turn Email Receipts Into Email Upsells (11 Tips)

Did you know that transactional emails like email receipts have the highest open rates? This is a great opportunity to sneak in some marketing material and make an upsell. The trick, though, is you’ll have to do this without being overly salesy, or your email might come off as being spammy. Jump in for a few simple tips for perfecting the art of email upselling!

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Best Google workspace plugins for WordPress

9 Best Google Workspace Plugins for WordPress

Google Workspace (G-Suite) offers several really helpful apps for work. If you have a WordPress site, you’d be delighted to learn that you can integrate your Google Workspace apps with your WordPress site. You’ll just need to use WordPress plugins that support these apps. Jump in for our list of the best ones!

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Introducing WP Mail SMTP 3.7

Introducing WP Mail SMTP 3.7 – Backup Connection and Smart Email Routing

This feature-packed release brings Backup Connection and Smart Routing.

If you’ve ever wanted to put a fail-safe in place for your emails in the event of a mailer problem, you can now use a backup connection to solve exactly that!

And Smart Routing allows you to route your emails via different mailers based on conditions defined by you.

Click to learn more about these awesome new features.

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wordpress email deliverability best practices

11 WordPress Email Deliverability Best Practices

If you send any emails from a WordPress site, email deliverability is a critical subject. Emails sent from WordPress sites tend to get marked as spam or blocked altogether due to some flaws in how WordPress sends emails. Fortunately, there are a few simple tips that will help you beat this and other email deliverability issues with WordPress sites.

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how to use akismet to filter contact form spam

How to Filter Contact Form Spam With Akismet

Contact form spam can be a big problem with WordPress websites. Fortunately, WPForms offers a few different tools to help you stop spam in its tracks. This includes the powerful and seamless WPForms Akismet integration. Wondering how to set it up? Here’s the step-by-step guide.

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Top slack integrations for WordPress

7 Top Slack Integrations for WordPress

Does your team use Slack? Integrating WordPress with Slack would be a clever way to improve productivity and efficiency. There are several WordPress plugins that integrate seamlessly with Slack, allowing you to seamlessly automate several workflows and processes. We’ve tried out a few, and we’ve come up with a list of the top 7. Jump in to check them out!

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