how to create a lead magnet page in wordpress

How to Create a Lead Magnet Page in WordPress

Looking for an easy way to create a lead magnet page in WordPress to capture new leads and grow your email list? You’re at the right place!

WPForms makes it incredibly easy to create opt-in forms, which you can add to any page to offer a lead magnet like a free eBook in exchange for email addresses.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the steps to create a lead magnet page in WordPress with the help of WPForms.

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how to send wordpress emails through gmail

How to Send WordPress Emails Through Gmail (1 Click Setup!)

Are you looking for a simple and straightforward method to send WordPress emails through Gmail?

WP Mail SMTP makes it incredibly easy to configure a Google Workspace / Gmail mailer using a one-click setup process!

Follow the steps in this guide to learn how to quickly configure the Google Workspace / Gmail mailer in WP Mail SMTP.

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How to Add List-Unsubscribe Headers to WordPress email

How to Add List-Unsubscribe Headers in WordPress

Do your WordPress emails have list-unsubscribe headers?

List-unsubscribe headers trigger an important one-click unsubscribe link in Gmail, Apple Mail, and other email clients. New Google and Yahoo rules mean that you must include these headers from February 2024.

This article explains how to add list-unsubscribe headers in WordPress without editing any code.

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How to Set Up Google Postmaster Tools

How to Set Up Google Postmaster Tools

Do you want to set up Postmaster Tools to monitor your email deliverability in Gmail?

Postmaster Tools lets you measure spam complaints and domain reputation for free. That’s super important now that Gmail is blocking emails more aggressively.

Thankfully, Postmaster Tools is easy to configure, and it should take less than 10 minutes.

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why am i getting increased spam on my website

Why Am I Getting Increased Spam On My Website?

Are you wondering why your inbox gets flooded with spam emails over time? Well, you’re not alone in this predicament.

This is a common concern among our customers and a frequent topic of support queries. What you’re facing is an issue affecting millions worldwide.

So, let’s take this opportunity to understand the mechanics and motives behind these spam emails.

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