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7 Best Voting Plugins for WordPress

Do you want to run a poll on your WordPress website? We rounded up and tested various options to find the best voting plugins, whether you want to create a simple text poll, image poll, or even a video poll. Asking users to vote on feature requests, content, new products, and other business decisions is a fantastic way to boost engagement and improve your products and services. Running a poll is also an effective way to collect valuable information about your audience. In this blog post, we've summarized the features and user experience of some of the most popular voting plugins for WordPress to help you make your choice.
Best Voting Plugins for WordPress

5+ Best Survey Plugins for WordPress

Surveys can be a fantastic way to learn more about the users on your site to help you create better products, services, or content and target different groups in your marketing. In this list of the best survey plugins for WordPress, we've tested some of the most popular poll, quiz, and survey plugins to find the most user-friendly and feature-rich options. Whether you want to set up a quick poll or you're an advanced user and want to create multi-page surveys with advanced fields and conditional logic, you'll find a plugin to help you out in this list.
Best Survey Plugins for WordPress
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