Best reCAPTCHA alternatives

7 Best reCAPTCHA Alternatives to Tackle WordPress Spam

reCAPTCHA alternatives are becoming more popular due to the privacy and user experience issues with traditional reCAPTCHA.

Some of these alternatives are very easy to set up and keep your site free from spam without hurting your visitor’s experience.

This post talks about some of the best reCAPTCHA alternatives that you can fully trust to stop contact form spam on your site.

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Best WordPress SMTP plugins

5 Best WordPress SMTP Plugins in 2022 [Free + Paid]

Are you looking for the best WordPress SMTP plugins?

There are some great options out there, but not all of them provide equal value or ease of use.

For this article, we put together a list of the best SMTP plugins for WordPress that include powerful features for improving your WordPress email deliverability.

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password reset email best practices

7 Password Reset Email Best Practices [With Example]

Password reset emails allow users to recover their accounts securely. A good password reset email is simple but includes important details that ensure the best experience for your users.

Follow these best practices and provide your users with a quick and stress-free account recovery process.

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What is email deliverability

What Is Email Deliverability (And How Do I Improve It?)

Do you want to understand what email deliverability really is and how you can improve it? Email deliverability is a very important concept because your email marketing depends on high rates of deliverability.

In this article, we’re going to explain what email deliverability is and discuss best practices for improving it.

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