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[WARNING] Why You MUST Avoid WP Mail SMTP Pro Nulled

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Are you wondering if WP Mail SMTP Pro nulled is safe?

Nulled plugins pop up on the web and on social media — and they’re dangerous. You must never install a nulled plugin on your site.

We’ve seen the impact that nulled plugins can have. Apart from being outdated and broken, they can actually introduce security flaws that are not present in the official plugin.

In this article, we’ll explain what could happen if you install a nulled plugin. We’ll also show you how to get WP Mail SMTP for free without risking the security of your site.

Can I Get WP Mail SMTP Free… Without Using a Nulled Version?

Yes! You can get an unlimited free trial of WP Mail SMTP!

WP Mail SMTP Lite is safe, legal, and it works! It lets you fix WordPress emails easily without any risk.

The free version of WP Mail SMTP is rated 4.8/5 stars on WordPress.org.

WP Mail SMTP Lite rating

Gmail is by far our most popular mailer, and the free version supports manual Gmail setup. If that’s all you need, download WP Mail SMTP Lite and get started now! There’s no need to take the risk of installing a nulled version when the free version will work just fine.

The free version also includes support for all your Gmail aliases.

Gmail alias dropdown in WP Mail SMTP settings

If you’re still tempted to download a cracked version of the Pro plugin, keep reading for some more details on the issues we’ve seen in the past.

1. Malware and Spam

WP Mail SMTP Pro nulled can seriously impact WordPress security.

That’s because many plugin cracks are known to carry malware.

Malware is dangerous code that can hide in your site and spread throughout different files. And it can be really difficult to find that code, fix it, and get rid of it forever.

Malware on laptop

WP Mail SMTP is designed to handle every email that’s sent from your WordPress site. It’s a really bad idea to install a dangerous, nulled version since you never truly know what’s going to be sent out in your emails.

If a rogue developer added malware or phishing links, you’d likely miss it until it was too late and one of your customers clicked on one.

Malware in WordPress plugins can also:

  • Add phishing links, spam links, and malicious popups to your website content
  • Deface your website homepage
  • Give unauthorized users admin access
  • Stop WordPress sending emails
  • Prevent you from logging into your site.

Unfortunately, some users don’t realize they have WP Mail SMTP Pro nulled until their website starts behaving strangely, or a user reports a suspicious link has been glagged. If that happens, you’ll typically have to pay hundreds of dollars for someone to fix your site.

For this reason (and many others), we recommend that you always have a WordPress security plugin installed on your website, and steer well clear of any nulled plugins.

2. SEO: Overnight Ranking Drops

Google definitely does not like to direct people to sites with malware. In fact, it has a service that specifically detects infected sites and tries to stop people from visiting them.

If Google has the slightest suspicion that your site is infected by malware in a nulled plugin, it’ll remove your site from search results or display a giant warning when people try to visit you from search.

As soon as malware is detected, your visitors will see warnings like:

  • “Dangerous content” or “deceptive site ahead”
  • “Did you mean”, “Is this the right site?”, “Fake site ahead”

Deceptive site warning

And there’s a good chance that Google’s algorithms will notice before you do. The Google Safe Browsing service constantly scans sites for malware, suspicious software, and social engineering attacks. Once your site gets blacklisted, you’ll have to spend a lot of time and money cleaning up the mess, and your rankings may never recover.

Hacks can also redirect your entire website to a completely unrelated one, wrecking your rankings in the process. If you have an administrator account, the hacker may have set up the link so that you’re not affected by the redirect. That simply means you won’t notice it until it’s too late.

The result? If you find a WP Mail SMTP Pro license key free and download a pirated version, all of the hard work you put into optimizing your site could be wasted.

3. Privacy: Data Breaches and Fines

Personal data is one of the most valuable assets online. Criminals buy and sell information all the time, and barely a week goes by without a massive privacy breach being reported in the news.

Hackers look for easy ways to get hold of real personal data because they know they can make money from it. And often, small businesses websites are the easiest targets.

Many of these data breaches happen because of a security hole or a backdoor. By installing WP Mail SMTP Pro nulled, you’re introducing the potential for completely uncontrolled and unpatched security holes for this exact purpose.

Any nulled plugin is a risk to the security of your site and could allow hackers to access user data inside WordPress. That might mean someone downloads:

  • Names
  • Passwords
  • Details from email notifications
  • Street addresses
  • WooCommerce payment information
  • Files people have uploaded through your contact forms

Under laws like the GDPR and CPPA, you could be subject to a massive fine if this kind of data is stolen from your website.

4. No Support

All WordPress users need help from time to time, whether they’re setting up a plugin or extending it for other purposes.

And that’s why all legitimate WP Mail SMTP users can access support for their version of the plugin.

Support form in WP Mail SMTP account

Our free customers get help on the WordPress.org forums, and our paid customers can submit a support ticket. Either way, there’s a team of experts ready to help out if you get stuck.

But if you have a nulled plugin, you get zero support.

Our support team knows how to spot WP Mail SMTP Pro nulled. For example, this message in Site Health is just one of the things they check for.

Site Health warning for WP Mail SMTP Pro Nulled

So there really isn’t any benefit in getting a nulled plugin. You’ll likely waste more time trying to fix things by yourself when you could get expert help.

If you spotted an invalid license warning, don’t worry! Our technical support team will help you buy a new license so that you can get help in the future.

5. No New Features

WP Mail SMTP is the best SMTP plugin for WordPress. Our awesome developers are constantly innovating and adding features to solve your email deliverability issues, like:

  • Setup Wizard for easy email provider integration
  • Email status reporting
  • Email test tools
  • Open and click tracking
  • Email resend feature
  • WordPress email logging
  • Email log export
  • Automatic DNS checks
  • And a lot more.

If you have a license, you get access to every new feature we add to the plugin.

Resend WordPress email

But if you’re using a pirated WPForms Pro nulled version, you won’t get automatic updates. In fact, you won’t even know new features are available.

That means you’ll miss out on the new features we add.

Over time, your nulled plugin will quickly become outdated and it could even become incompatible with other plugins on your site.

6. No Plugin Updates

With WP Mail SMTP Pro cracked, you won’t have any access to updates.

In fact, the people who sell nulled plugins will tell you NEVER to update them! That’s because the plugin files have been so heavily modified that updating them can actually break your site.

But is that a good idea? Well, no. As a website owner, you know all too well how important it is to keep WordPress up to date. The developers behind WP Mail SMTP release regular updates to crush any potential security problems.

Update WP Mail SMTP

So if you’re the owner of a WP Mail SMTP nulled version, you won’t get updates to fix:

  • Security issues
  • Plugin incompatibilities
  • Bugs
  • Issues with old versions of PHP

Some high-profile security breaches have been directly linked to out-of-date WordPress plugins. Eventually, you’ll find you can’t update WordPress core either because it will break all of your old, nulled plugins if you do.

Even worse, you could have an old, vulnerable, malware-infected plugin sitting on your site for months without any way of updating it.

7. Impact on Developers

Finally, we wanted to mention the impact that nulled plugins can have on the people who make them. Because they certainly do have an impact.

Sometimes it’s tempting to think that just 1 download won’t cause any harm. But that 1 copy is actually stolen code that’s the result of someone’s talent, skill, and hard work.

The people and teams who develop plugins do more than just spend their time writing code – although that’s a huge task in itself.

They also:

  • Provide support
  • Create documentation
  • Maintain a website
  • Create video tutorials
  • And more.

If everyone used a nulled version of WP Mail SMTP, there would be no money to do any of these things. That’s why using nulled software can hurt a business and its customers, even if it’s just a single copy.

So, when you pay for a plugin, you help encourage people to keep making amazing plugins that benefit you and everyone else in the WordPress community.

We understand that paying for plugins can be challenging when you’re starting out. That’s why we made the Lite version of WP Mail SMTP 100% free for you to use any time you need it.

And if you do pay for a WP Mail SMTP license, your purchase is protected by a money-back guarantee. Any time in the first 14 days, you can get your money back for any reason – or no reason at all. It’s our promise to you.

WP Mail SMTP money-back guarantee

More than 3+ million users like you use WP Mail SMTP to improve email deliverability. Whether you use WP Mail SMTP Lite or you pay for a license, we’re grateful for your support – and we’re here to help out when you need us!

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WP Mail SMTP Pro Nulled FAQ

Got questions about nulled WP Mail SMTP? We’ll cover them below.

Is WP Mail SMTP Free?

Yes! The Lite version of WP Mail SMTP is 100% free forever and it lets you connect to popular email providers like SendLayer and Gmail.

What Is a Nulled Plugin?

A nulled plugin is a hacked version of a real WordPress plugin.

Nulled plugins are obtained and distributed without the permission of the company that made them. They’re usually hacked and sold for a lower price, or given away in a huge bundle.

Nulled plugins are modified so you don’t need a valid license key. But in addition, nulled plugins often include extra code that could infect your site with malware and prevent you from getting security updates.

What Does GPL Mean?

GPL means General Public License. Often, sites that distribute nulled plugins will claim that the General Public License license covers them to resell these plugins, which is not true.

Remember: it’s worth considering why those plugins are being offered for free and who could gain from it if they were hacked. It’s unlikely that people who sell nulled plugins have your best interests in mind.

In many cases, note that the pirate site will likely be infringing the plugin owner’s trademarks in addition to giving away software they worked hard to create.

Plugins obtained through GPL are also prone to becoming out of date, which means they are often incompatible with new features or addons.

If you’re wondering what the GPL and ‘copyleft’ mean, check out this definition of GPL from WPBeginner.

What Does Nulled Mean?

Nulled means that software has been modified by a 3rd party to remove the requirement for a valid license. When a pirate nulls a WordPress plugin, they also have the opportunity to modify the code to introduce backdoors, viruses, or malware.

What Is a GPL Club?

A GPL Club is a download site for nulled or cracked software. These sites increase security risks across the WordPress community. And they disincentivize hard-working developers who actually made the plugins they sell.

In addition, there’s no way GPL Clubs can support the people who use the plugins, even if they claim to. Setting up WordPress SMTP can take a while, and a GPL Club simply won’t have the time, resources, or expertise to support you if you need a hand.

Are GPL Plugins Safe?

No, GPL plugins are not safe. The software you download will have been modified to avoid license checks and may not be eligible to receive security updates. Many of the hacks and security problems we see are caused by backdoors in nulled plugins, or out-of-date pirated plugins that can’t be upgraded.

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Next Step, Set Up WordPress SMTP (Easily!)

So you decided to buy WP Mail SMTP? Next, it’s time to set up your new email provider. We’re here to help you out and make it easy.

If you’re not sure what your email settings should be, check out our simple tutorial on how to configure your WordPress SMTP settings.

Ready to fix your emails? Get started today with the best WordPress SMTP plugin. WP Mail SMTP Elite includes full White Glove Setup and offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.

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